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[Verfaufe] Alien 3 jacket - 70,- EURO

BeitragVerfasst: So 4. Jan 2015, 15:33
von Ace alias Jan
I'm selling this Alien 3 jacket

Jacket is an original N2-B flight jacket in very nice condition. No holes or tears in the fabric on the cufs and waistband.
Hood fur has been removed so it's similar to the jackets seen in Alien 3

Jacket has a large hood with synthetic fur that can either be worn opened up on the shoulders or closed on the back/head.

Jacket is size Large, but it is a short model som I would recommend it for people at hight 1,76 or under. I have only worn it a few times.

Weyland 161 patch is attached

Feel free to ask questions about this nice jacket.

70 Euro,- + shipping from Denmark

Pictures here: